What we do

Cargoes we take care of

Depending on the volume of the cargoes Bulkbookers uses its own managed vessels or chartered vessels for the bigger cargoes or containers both open top or box containers for the smaller cargoes.

Contract logistics

Bulkbookers offers contract logistics for factories and production facilities where continuity is of utmost importance. Bulkbookers has great knowledge of hinterland transport in various ways. Depending on the contract, goods get loaded on our vessel, transported to the port of destination discharged on trucks or barges and brought to the desired storage or production facility.

Shipping bulk in box containers made easy

Bulk2Box is a service where we bring bulk loads from the hinterlands by truck to one of our hubs where we are able to transship a bulk load into a normal box container. Where using a container normally causes paying the complete journey now you pay only a single trip. These are just a few examples of value added services that we can offer you.

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